Waterco Multicyclone 50 Debris Filter

Waterco Multicyclone 50 Debris Filter


Waterco Multicyclone 50 Debris Filter

The key to a clean pool is filtration. The more dirt and debris that you can keep out of your pool, the better water you will have.

It’s with this is mind that Waterco has come out with their Multicyclone 50 Debris Filter. It is an inline filter that it spins out dirt as small as 10 microns into its clear plastic bottom – allowing the clean water flow on to your main filtration system.

Basically, this is just adding another step of filtration to your system. Not only will it help keep your pool cleaner, but it will help your main filter to last longer. Since the main filter – whether it is a sand filter, DE filter or cartridge filter – gets worn by the amount of debris that it has to handle, having the cycle filter the water first will make it so that you do not need to change your sand, DE or cartridge filters as often. That saves money and hassle.

But is it easy? Normally, cleaning filters involves back-washing or hauling out cartridges – and you’ll still have to do that with your main filtration system – but the cyclone needs none of that. All you have to do is open a valve and let the system flush the dirt out. it is as easy as turning on a faucet.

It should be noted that there is a Multicyclone 50 Debris Filter stand. Look into this if you are worried about extra pressure on your pipes.

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